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Foreign Correspondents magenta rice
The magenta rice is mighty nice at Foreign Correspondents. Photo by Chuck Cook
Lee's fried chicken and donuts neon Lee Ellis
It's hard not to like a restaurant that enshrines its founder in neon at Lee's Fried Chicken and Donuts. Photo by Eric Sandler
The Burger Joint BBQ burger
Behold the BBQ Burger at The Burger Joint. Photo by Eric Sandler
CorkScrew BBQ Spring
CorkScrew BBQ has a new home in Old Towne Spring. Photo by Eric Sandler
Bistecca beef tartare
Bistecca serves tableside beef tartare. Photo by Eric Sandler
Oka Japanese fresh roll
That's the $21 fresh roll at Oka. Photo by Eric Sandler
Foreign Correspondents stir fried pumpkin
Foreign Correspondents stir-fried pumpkin. Photo by Eric Sandler
Tuck Room Papas Bravas
Papas Bravas at The Tuck Room. Photo by Eric Sandler
State of Grace lobster hush puppies
Lobster hush puppies are one of State of Grace's standout dishes. Photo by Eric Sandler
Republic Diner interior
The former Witchcraft space has been freshed up for life as the Republic Diner.  Republic Diner/Facebook
Bistecca Ristorante
Bistecca restaraurant is a welcome addition to the lower Westheimer dining scene. Photo by Eric Sandler