That's ale in Texas

It's National Drink Beer Day, here's to doing it seriously: The 25 highest alcohol content beers

It's National Drink Beer Day, here's to doing it seriously: The 25 highest alcohol content beers

The Daily Beast has released another of its ubiquitous lists — this time in honor of National Drink Beer Day (that's today) and showcasing the 25 most ale-coholic beers around (see what I did there? Because in Texas we call anything with a 4 percent or greater ABV an ale? No?)

Anyway, it's nothing too exciting for Houstonians since not a single Texas brewery makes the list.

For once at least, the methodology was straightforward — how much alcohol is brewed into each ounce. Every beer included was brewed in the United States, and while seasonals were fair game, limited runs were not.

Although some of our European counterparts put us to shame, as with Scottish microbrewer BrewDog's 41-percent Sink the Bismarck!, The Daily Beast identified 25 American brews that'll get you good and drunk at home. They're listed below in order of their most-alcoholic glory:

No. 1 - DuClaw Brewing Co.'s Colossus, 21 percent
No. 2 - Boston Beer Co.'s Sam Adams Millennium, 20 percent
No. 3 - Tied between Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA, 15 to 20 percent; and Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout, 15 to 20 percent
No. 5 - Bristol Brewing Company's XXX Warlock, 18.4 percent
No. 6 - Boston Beer Co.'s Sam Adams Triple Bock, 18 percent
No. 7 - Dogfish Head's Fort, 18 percent
No. 8 - Voodoo Brewery's Black Magick, 15.5 percent
No. 9 - Avery Brewing Co.'s Mephistopheles' Stout, 15.1 percent
No. 10 - Avery Brewing Co.'s The Beast, 14.9 percent
No. 11 - DuClaw Brewing Co.'s Repent, 14.6 percent
No. 12 - Avery Brewing Co.'s Samael's Oak-Aged Ale, 14.5 percent
No. 13 - Roots Brewing Co.'s Epic Ale, 14 percent
No. 14 - Voodoo Brewery's Big Black Voodoo Daddy, 12.5 percent
No. 15 - Tied between Founders Brewing Company's Devil Dancer, 12 percent; Dogfish Head's Palo Santo Marron, 12 percent; and Stone Brewing Co.'s Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine. 12 percent
No. 18 - Weyerbacher's Tiny, 11.8 percent
No. 19 - Brooklyn Brewery's Black Ops, 11.6 percent
No. 20 - Tied between Hair of the Dog's Doggie Claws, 11.5 percent; and Flying Dog's Double Dog, 11.5 percent
No. 22 - Tied between Founders Brewing Company's KBS, 11.2 percent; and Stone Brewing Co.'s Double Bastard Ale, 11.2 percent
No. 24 - Weyerbacher's Blithering Idiot, 11.1 percent
No. 25 - Grand Lake Brewing Company's Super Chicken, 11 percent

(For any beer geeks that are wondering, Samuel Adams Utopias — at 27 percent alcohol by volume— only comes in 2 oz. servings, so was disqualified from the running.)

Every beer on the list is available in bottle or draft form, so they should be easy enough to access — providing you can get 'em into the state.