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Guanciale burger at Plonk! September 2013
The Guanciale burger at Plonk! is the best bacon cheeseburger ever.  Plonk Beer & Wine Bistro/Facebook
The spicy burger at Tornado Burger Houston
The Spicy burger at Tornado Burger has a cravable kick, and the thin patty gets a fantastic sear.  Photo by Dave77459/Flickr
The bacon cheeseburger at Stanton's City Bites
The bacon cheeseburger at Stanton's City Bites is CultureMap's pick for Houston's best old school burger joint. Stanton's City Bites/Facebook
Hubcap Grill Houston Texas BBQ Burger hamburger with barbecue sausage
The Texas BBQ Burger at Hubcap Grill is one of many delicious options on the restaurant's menu. Ricky Craig/Twitter
The Principal at Bernie's Burger Bus hamburger
Try The Principal at Bernie's Burger Bus to taste their house made condiments and excellent burger patties. Sozavac/Foursquare.com
Pappas burger with french fries
Pappas burger uses trimmings from Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in its burgers.  Victoria Blog
The Houston at The Burger Guys hamburger
The Houston at The Burger Guys features St. Arnold's flavored mustard and a whole roasted jalapeno. TheCatFive/Instagram
Vic & Anthony's burger
The Vic Burger at Vic & Anthony's is a homemade 10-ounce prime burger with bacon and a blend of white cheddar and American cheese served with sea salt french fries. Photo courtesy of Landry's Inc.
Underbelly UB Double Double hamburger with french fries
The Cease and Desist at Underbelly and The Hay Merchant benefits from being made with the same top quality beef that Underbelly uses for steaks and other entrees. Underbelly/Facebook