Steak me home tonight

The best steak deals in Houston: Eat great meat for bargain prices any night of the week

The best steak deals in Houston: Eat great meat for bargain prices any night of the week

steak night hay merchant
Hungry yet? Great steaks around town (like this one from Hay Merchant) start at $12. Courtesy of Antoine Ware/Twitter

Love steakhouses but hate spending $30, $40 or more on a great piece of meat? Never fear: If you know where to go, you can get a decent steak for less than $20 any night of the week, with plenty of bars and casual restaurants around Houston offering steak night specials.

Check out our favorites below and add yours.

Monday: Under the Volcano

Want a full meal and not just a piece of meat? From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. take your pick of a 16 oz. ribeye or strip topped with a chimichurri sauce and served with salad, garlic mashed potatoes and flan for $17. That's almost a full restaurant week menu for about half the price.

Adding one of the bar's famous frozen screwdrivers or strawberry basil margaritas is just a bonus.

Runners up: Saint Dane's ($10), Baba Yega ($12), Onion Creek ($14)

Tuesday: Hay Merchant

The most popular day of the week for a steak night, you just can't beat executive chef Antoine Ware's ever-changing version at Hay Merchant. From butternut squash puree, sauteed kale and peppercorn sauce to herb roasted potatoes and bourbon cream sauce, the plate is always $15 and always runs out before the night is over.

Runners up: Community Bar ($16), MKT Bar ($12), Front Porch Pub ($14, $16 w/beer)

Wednesday: Oporto

The Carne y Vinho night at Oporto is the cure for the boring steak, with a flavorful 6 oz. Madeira pepper filet, a side and a glass of Portuguese wine for $19.

Runners up: West End ($15), Little Woodrow's Midtown ($13), Bocados ($13)

Thursday: MKT Bar

MKT Bar — the stand-alone café inside the downtown Phoenicia — has not only one of the tastiest steak deals in town, it's also one of the cheapest. Only $12 gets you a steak (chef's choice) topped with chimichurri sauce and served with a salad and either a twice-baked potato or Zaatar fries.

It's also available on Tuesdays.

Runners up: Red Lion ($22), Maple Leaf Pub ($14), Christian's Tailgate ($1 per ounce)

Friday: Byzantio

Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean the deals dry up. On Friday nights Byzantio has a steak special for $16.95 with salad and fries.

Saturday: The Hideaway on Dunvale

Venture outside the Loop for this under-the-radar spot (also known for its crawfish) for a 16 oz. ribeye with a baked potato and side salad for $12. It's also available on Tuesday.

Sunday: Sushi Raku

Dear everyone: Have you tried the wasabi mashed potatoes at Sushi Raku? If not I suggest you fix that immediately, especially since they come with a steak and sweet potato fries for $15.