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Superica mixed fajitas
Mixed fajitas Courtesy photo
Superica tortilla soup
Tortilla soup. Courtesy photo
Superica bacon-wrapped shrimp
Camarones brochetas: bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with jack cheese and jalapeno. Courtesy photo
Treadsack mothership Hunky Dory Bernadine's exterior Ford Fry
Bernadine's, right, will be converted into Superica, while the Hunky Dory space will be a companion concept. Photo by Eric Sandler
Superica Ford Fry
Chef-owner Ford Fry. Photo by Emily Schultz
Superica spread
A selection of Superica's dishes. Courtesy photo
Superica Kevin Maxey
Culinary director Kevin Maxey. Photo by Andrew Thomas Lee
Superica brunch
The restaurant all serves a Tex-Mex-style brunch. Courtesy photo