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Cinnabon tests lower-calorie sweet shop in Houston: Ready for bite-sized maple bacon rolls?

Cinnabon tests lower-calorie, bite-sized sweet shop in Houston

cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon possible new concept Bon Bake Shop August 2014
Bon Bake Shop will move beyond traditional Cinnabon flavors with items like smores, birthday cake and maple bacon. Cinnabon/Facebook

Is the era of high calorie treats over? Cinnabon, the mall-based purveyor of belt-busting, sugar coma-inducing treats, will bring Bon Bake Shop to Willowbrook Mall in September. According to an article in Businessweek, Bon Bake Shop will serve as a smaller, lighter, more sophisticated twist on the Cinnabon concept. 

 "The next big thing in indulgence is small,” Cinnabon's Kristen Hartman tells BW. “People are all about bite-sized and sharing." 

Instead of 880-calorie, full-size Cinnabons in regular or pecan, Bon Bake Shop will serve 90-calorie "bites" in flavors ranging from smores to maple bacon to birthday cake (with sprinkles on top, natch). The restaurant will also feature whoopie pies and savory treats like cheese rolls.

"The next big thing in indulgence is small,” Cinnabon's Kristen Hartman tells BW. “People are all about bite-sized and sharing." Sharing will be further encouraged by the way the rolls are sold - a minimum of four per box for  $3.69 or 16 for $13.99.

Bon Bake Shop will also sport a different look than its parent with "warm tones" instead of Cinnabon's blue and white.

Only time will tell whether the effort is enough to lure diners who agree with Louis CK's characterization of Cinnabon as "a six-foot high, cinnamon-swirled cake made for one sad, fat man."