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Layne Lynch coffee latte art August 2013 Inversion Coffee House honey badger rosetta coffee latte
Inversion's imaginative lattes will conjure up some great Instagram commentary.  Inversion Coffee House/Facebook
Blacksmith coffee latte art
Common coffee creations at Blacksmith include hearts, flowers, rosettas and swans. Blacksmith/Facebook
Layne Lynch coffee latte art August 2013 Southside Espresso coffee latte with dragon
On one of my recent visits to Southside Espresso, a barista surprised me with an illustration of a dragon. Southside Expresso/Facebook
Layne Lynch coffee latte August 2013 Revival Market
The baristas at Revival Market are diligent in carefully crafting and perfecting their espresso-laden foam beverages. Add a piece of pie: Perfecto! Photo by © Debora Smail/DeboraSmail.com