« Back to article: Watch out KFC! Beyoncé's favorite fried chicken joint has national aspirations, with plans for 500 locations

Frenchy's Chicken, sign
Frenchy's will soon expand to Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and College Station.


Photo by Houstonian/Flickr
Frenchy's fried chicken
Frenchy's signature spicy fried chicken could grow to 500 locations nationwide.  Frenchy's Chicken/Facebook
Frenchy's Fried Chicken fried chicken in a box on patio table December 2013 from IAm.Beyonce.com
Beyonce posted this photo of Frenchy's fried chicken in a box in 2013. Photo by Rob Hoffman/IAm.Beyonce.com
Frenchy's fried chicken exterior
Frenchy's has hopes for a big national expansion. Frenchy's Chicken/Facebook