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Out of the fire: Mai's restaurant begins rebuilding

Out of the fire: Mai's restaurant begins rebuilding

Three and a half-months after a two-alarm fire destroyed Mai's, the popular Vietnamese eatery has announced it has officially begun the process of rebuilding.

Writing on the restaurant's Web site, general manager Anna Pham marked Thursday as the official start of construction:

Its hard to believe that over three months have passed, but so much has taken place behind the scenes to get us to this point.

I am so ecstatic to announce that we officially begin rebuilding today!

Thank you so much, Houston, for your outpouring of support during this time. Your countless stories and memories of Mai's has helped us navigate beyond the tragedy and move forward. Please continue to share your stories with us as we await the rebirth of a new Mai's.

No date has been announced for the reopening. It's been 110 days since the fire that started when a wok caught fire.

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More than three months after a major fire, Mai's has started rebuilding. Photo by Barbara Kuntz
News_Mai's_restaurant_before fire
Mai's Restaurant before the fire.