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Get ready to make your own beer: Café Luz closes to become Project Brew

Get ready to make your own beer: Café Luz closes to become Project Brew

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Café Luz is closing temporarily to make room for Project Brew, to return as Café Luz Enlightened Brews. Cafe Luz/Facebook

Tucked in a small corner storefront, Café Luz has been downtown's most eclectic and interesting mini-coffeeshop and bistro since opening last summer.

As an offshoot of Kitchen Incubator, the space has served variously as a bakery, coffee shop, soda fountain bistro, and even, briefly, a part-time burger joint. Now Café Luz is making an even bigger transition, closing as owners Lucrece Borrego and Jesus Acosta rework the space into Café Luz Enlightened Brews.

In a blog post announcing the new concept, Borrego writes:

Jesus and I, as owners, never sought out to run a coffeehouse or a restaurant — we were incubating a concept and that concept has transitioned. For the last year we have ventured deeply into the world of craft beer and brewing as well as the art of craft sodas. . . . It is not with sadness, but with incredible excitement that we say goodbye to Café Luz, the coffeehouse and bistro, and welcome our future as Café Luz Enlightened Brews."

The new Café Luz will mostly serve as the home of Project Brew, dubbed "the world's first incubator brewpub," providing interested beer enthusiasts with professional facilities, brewing equipment, and a master brewer to create their own quaff.

Project Brew is scheduled to launch this summer, and Café Luz Enlightened Brews will open as soon as the buildout and licenses are completed, serving not only beer but also espresso from Luz's noted Synesso machine as well as Lucia's Empanadas, a café bestseller. A mobile version of the soda machine is also in the works.

Are you excited about Project Brew?