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Killen's barbecue brisket closeup
Chef Ronnie Killen of Killen's Steakhouse in Pearland says there’s one thing he does even better than steaks. And that’s barbecue. Photo by Kimberly Park
Ronnie Killen chef wearing dirty apron
“With the first place I was just cooking,” Killen says. “Now there’s a whole chemistry behind it, the rendering of the fat, the way the smoke ring develops.” Photo by Kimberly Park
Killen's housemade smoked sausage
Killen buys prime meats, cuts and cooks everything himself. The menu is classic Central Texas barbecue: Pork sausage, brisket and the amazing beef short ribs that won him top honors at the Rodeo Best Bites this year. Photo by Kimberly Park
Killen's coffee sauce barbecue sauce in containers
He also makes three types of sauces: Tangy, sweet and a coffee flavored one. Photo by Kimberly Park