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Whataburger cooks up enticing, limited-time-only BOGO special

Whataburger cooks up enticing, limited-time-only BOGO special

Whataburger bacon jalapeno cheeseburger
Have it your way. Courtesy photo

On the list of things all good Texans love, Whataburger and getting something for free both rank highly. Combine the two? That's pretty much irresistible.

The San Antonio-based fast food restaurant is running a limited time only, buy-one-get-one-free special on its classic Whataburger. It's available this week through Monday, May 25. Ordering online comes with curbside pickup, which is good for social distancing and means skipping the line in the drive-thru.

The main requirement to redeem the offer is that people place their orders through the restaurant's website or via its app. Sadly, the BOGO deal doesn't include add-ons, which means people have to pay for their extras like bacon, cheese, and grilled jalapeños. 

Now we know exactly how much BDT Capital Partners, the Chicago-based merchant bank that acquired Whataburger from the Dobson family last year, is willing to pay for our email addresses and downloads — $3.84, the cost of a plain Whataburger.  

Still, the app is pretty useful. It shows people all of the options available for customizing their orders. Maybe that means someone will discover that grilled onions are a free add-on or that swapping the bun for Texas toast is a good decision. When replacing a soft drink with a chocolate milkshake only adds $1.29 to a combo, why not splurge? Also, every five purchases brings rewards like a free 32-ounce soft drink, cinnamon roll, or honey butter chicken biscuit.