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Killen's Barbecue Food Network
Killen's barbecue will be featured at The Big Texas Party. Photo by Kimberly Park
Houston Barbecue Festival, March 2013, Ray Busch, Ray's Real Pit BBQ
Ray Busch of Ray's Real Pit BBQ represents Houston’s traditional, East Texas-style ‘cue. Photo by Danny Kamin
Pinkerton's BBQ Barbecue
Pinkerton’s Texas Pit Barbecue made the jump from underground pop-ups to a brand new restaurant in The Heights. Courtesy photo
John Avila Veronica El Burro & the Bull Conservatory
El Burro and the Bull's John Avila will serve a mix of Tex-Mex, barbecue, and Creole flavors to VIP attendees. Photo by Eric Sandler
Patrick Feges whole hog barbecue bbq pulled pork cornbread
Patrick Feges will serve whole hog over cornbread topped with coleslaw. Photo by Eric Sandler
Roegels Barbecue Russell Misty
Roegels Barbecue emerged as one of the city's most innovative barbecue spots when owners Russell and Misty Roegels decided to end their relationship with Dallas-based Baker’s Ribs and go out on their own. Photo by Eric Sandler
Harlem Road Texas BBQ barbecue tray
Harlem Road Texas Barbecue. Photo by Eric Sandler
Texas Monthly BBQ Fest 2015 Killen's Barbecue
Expect Killen's Barbecue's experience at the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival to pay off at the Big Texas Party. Photo by Eric Sandler
Harlem BBQ, Ara Malekian
Harlem Road Texas Barbecue's Ara Malekian. Photo by Doogie Roux