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Ruggles Grill is up and running

Ruggles Grill is up and running

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Almost a year and a half after Hurricane Ike hit, Ruggles Grill, a lower Montrose landmark for 20 years, has reopened for business.

The storm caused heavy damage that led to extensive repairs to the roof, foundation, electrical and mechanical systems, and in the process chef and founder Bruce Molzan also added extensive kitchen updates.

After the popularity of offshoot Ruggles Green, Ruggles Grill is also seeking Certified Green Restaurant® status, which entails having an extensive recycling program, eliminating Styrofoam, installing energy-efficient lighting, and using non-toxic paint, among other things.

Molzan says Ruggles Grill will focus on "local grown, all-natural, and organic menu items whenever possible," but we'll be lining up for the famous Ruggles Dessert Tray.

Ruggles reopening leaves Brennan's as the last major player in Houston still felled by Ike. Brennan's is set to reopen in early February. We'll keep you posted.