Rental Woes

A large number of renters plan to leave Houston — here's where they're going

Large number of renters plan to leave Houston — where are they going?

Houston skyline
56 percent of Houston renters plan to flee the city. Photo courtesy of Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau

More than half of renters in Houston are looking at fleeing the city, and many of them are eyeing a move to the Mile High City.

A new survey by Apartment List found that 56 percent of Houston renters plan to settle down in another city — less than the percentage among renters nationwide, where 64 percent say they plan to relocate. The apartment-hunting website questioned renters in 50 major metro markets.

A number of Houston renters are mulling relocation to other Texas cities such as Dallas, which is the No. 1 in-state destination for those who are plotting a move. (Conversely, Dallas renters choose Houston as the top city to relocate to in the state.)

But what about out-of-state destinations? Denver is the top pick among Houston renters surveyed by Apartment List, followed by Los Angeles and Seattle.

What concerns are prompting Houston renters to consider loading up a moving truck? Job opportunities are the biggest concern for renters (35 percent listed it as their top reason for leaving), followed by affordability (17 percent) and safety (13 percent). 

But not everyone wants to leave. Houston is among the top five metros where renters are the most satisfied settling down. The Bayou City and its environs rank No. 3 in the nation, with 44 percent of renters who plan to stay in the metro. Houston renters are very satisfied with school quality and access to community activities, parks, and nightlife.

San Antonio has the highest share of renters who plan to settle down, with 45 percent of current renters planning to stick around. Louisville comes in at No. 2, and the North Carolina metros of Raleigh and Charlotte rank No. 4, and No. 5, respectively.