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Houston's hot housing market ranks among the healthiest in the country

Houston's hot housing market ranks among healthiest in the country

The Houston real estate market is super competitive and getting pricier by the day, but it's also one of the healthiest in America. A new study from WalletHub ranks the health of housing markets in 25 big U.S. metropolitan areas, and the Bayou City is in the top 10.

Wallethub analyzed metro areas based on 10 key metrics, from the interest rate on a first mortgage to the percentage of households that have received state or local assistance on their first housing loan. Based on the analysis, Houston has the 10th healthiest housing market. 

Among the metros studied, Houston ranks No. 3 nationally in the percentage of households with access to a home equity line of credit (behind only San Antonio and Austin), is tied for fifth place in the number of years left until the mortgage is paid (20), and ranks 12th in the percentage of households that received help through state or local government programs on their first mortgage.

Two other Texas cities are among the healthiest markets in the U.S. San Antonio ranks No. 3 overall and Austin ranks No. 6.

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