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This is what $1,500 in rent gets you in Houston right now

This is what $1,500 in rent gets you in Houston right now

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$1,500 a month in Houston translates to about 1,271 square feet. Photo by

In places such as New York City and San Francisco, rents are high and apartments are tiny. Texas, on the other hand, is known for living large — but at what cost?

According to RentCafe, if you're shelling out $1,500 a month in Houston, you're luxuriating in 1,271 square feet. Put another way, that's $1.18 per square foot.

As far as Texas is concerned, you'll get the least amount of space for your $1,500 in Austin (1,049 square feet, or $1.43), while El Paso comes in under a dollar a square foot. Dallasites can expect comfy living quarters at 1,210 square feet, or $1.24 per square foot.

The situation is cheaper in Fort Worth, where you can get 1,389 square feet ($1.08 per square foot), almost the same as San Antonio's 1,376.

In pricey New York City, $1,500 will most likely get you a measly 274-square-foot studio. The average rent there is closer to $4,031, but that only translates to about 727 square feet.

Rentals are the biggest in Memphis, where you can have 1,948 square feet for $1,500 a month. On average, though, renters tend to go for much smaller units that only cost around $700.