« Back to article: Luck breaks: Willie Nelson's iconic Texas ranch town is ripped apart by a tornado

World Headquarters of Willie Nelson ranch Luck, Tx storm damage
The World Headquarters of Luck, Texas, was left barely standing after severe weather. Willie Nelson/Facebook
ruins of bank from Willie Nelson's ranch Luck, TX after storm
Other structures, including the post office and bank, were left in ruins. Willie Nelson/Facebook
Bank ruins for Willie Nelson's ranch in Luck TX after storm
The town was originally built for Nelson's 1986 film Red Headed Stranger. Willie Nelson/Facebook
interior of church with pews in Luck TX on Willie Nelson's ranch after storm
The church suffered less damage than other buildings. Willie Nelson/Facebook
2014 Heartbreaker Banquet Fans
Luck during Heartbreaker Banquet in March 2014.  Photo by Meredith Rainey