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On the Market 5100 San Felipe No. 76E Four Leaf Towers April 2015
Staging is a key element in preparing your home for real estate listing. Photo courtesy of © TK Images
15 On the Market 2212 Salisbury St. River Oaks April 2015
Keep it simple by de-cluttering and removing personal photos and collectibles. Photo courtesy of © TK Images
11 On the Market 1807 Brun St. January 2015
Fresh flowers are a welcoming element at house showings. Photo courtesy of © Julie Soefer Photography
8 On the Market 6545 Brompton Road February 2015
The kitchen should be free of old equipment and stacks of personal items. Photo courtesy of © TK Images
13 On the Market 3606 Sun Valley Drive February 2015
Closets should be well-organized. Courtesy photo