Why the new iPad 3 is completely irresistible to even a shoe-loving girl

Why the new iPad 3 is completely irresistible to even a shoe-loving girl

First things first: I'm no tech writer. I have a certain level of comfort that comes with growing up in the digital age, but I definitely can't write HTML, I don't understand how Micro Four Thirds cameras work and I call the Genius Bar only slightly less often than my parents.

So this whole iPad 3 business has raised a lot of questions, namely — do I buy one? I didn't buy the iPad because I figured it would be best to let Apple work out the kinks and come out with something better. I didn't buy the iPad 2 because one of my sale sites had a flash sample sale and there were these SUPREME Brian Atwood wedges that I wanted more.

So here we are. The third iteration. What's different? What's supposed to be better? Read with me, as I do my consumer research in a story:

Retina Display

This might not mean much to me, since (#trueconfessions) I can't even tell when my television is and isn't on HD, but the iPad 3's Retina Display (fancy word for screen) is apparently the stuff of nerd dreams.

Writes Gizmodo's Casey Chan of the iPad 3 as compared to Apple's other iOS devices: "The 2048x1536 screen would dwarf everything (emphasis his)." He says, "If the 2048x1536 iPad 3 retina display turns out to be real this year, oh god almighty it's going to be glorious."

It's unclear whether the iPad 3's Retina Display will actually be such an impressive resolution, but it would follow, since it would double the resolution of the first two iPads — like the iPhone 4's (and iPhone 4S) Retina Display doubled the resolution of the iPhone 3GS screen.


iLounge reports that the iPad 3 will have an HD front-facing camera, the better to FaceTime your friends with and — oh, god — upload high-res sexy pics with?

Yes, you'll view images in higher res, and you'll take images in higher res. Both the front and rear cameras are reportedly getting upgraded, via Mashable.


Also, the iPad might — and I mean might, maybe — go 4G before the iPhone, according to consumer electronics site BGR (Boy Genius Report, a spin-off of Engadget.)


If even an iota of the rumors are true, I might have to have it. A glossier virtual magazine-reading experience AND better airport movie-watching? Count this girl in.