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Holiday green: Kids books, like Moving Christmas, have a save-the-environment theme

Holiday green: Kids books, like Moving Christmas, have a save-the-environment theme

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In Moving Christmas, Brandon Camp’s and Richard D’ovidio’s new children’s book that’s been launched across the whole gamut of modern book release platforms with the help of Austin's Chaotic Moon, including an interactive iPad app that’s sold well in the iTunes store, Santa and his elves go green.

Yes, as part of the authors’ Frank Duffy series about an unflappable owner of a moving company, the author’s are upfront about their environmental parable. When the melting polar caps ravage Santa’s workshop, he’s quick to point out why: “Mother Nature warned me this was going to happen! Global warming has melted our Village!” Santa exclaims (emphasis theirs).

The book, featuring vibrant illustrations from Max Miceli, doesn’t lay it on quite as thick as its opening act, but harnessing the power of the sun through solar-powered toys does serve as a green-version of your standard deux ex machina. It’s otherwise a perfectly pleasant kid’s Christmas book — sweet-natured, a little silly and moves along at a fast enough clip for parents to stomach.

But Camp’s and D’ovidio’s book isn’t the first to make Christmas a jumping off point for a lesson in reducing your carbon footprint. In addition to Moving Christmas, available now, a roundup of green holiday kids titles:

Night Tree, Eve Bunting

Teaching kids to give back (to nature). About trimming the tree with popcorn, apples, tangerines,and sunflower-seed balls for the animals of the woods.

Santa Claus is Green!: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Christmas, Alison Inches

Keep on the Nice List and ride your bike instead of driving your car, why don’t ya? Includes notes on alternatives to tree decorations, wrapping presents and general (green) gift giving. (Although, green is not Santa’s color.)

When Santa Turned Green, Victoria Perla

Endorsed by Al Gore himself: “When Santa Turned Green helps even the youngest child grasp the importance of caring for our planet and solving the climate crisis.” '

'Twas the Night Before a Green Christmas, Tracy and Scott Snowman

A spin on the The Night Before Christmas, as told from the perspective of a snowman. It’s unclear whether the authors’ last name was a source of an inspired play on words or just plan laziness.


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