« Back to article: "Finishing School" workshops at New Living use reclaimed wood to create furniture treasures

News_Barbara Kuntz_Green Painter_Cooper Meaders
Cooper Meaders teaches classes on making furniture from reclaimed wood. Courtesy photo
News_New Living_furniture_queen headboard made from oak flooring reclaimed from local houston home
Meaders' queen headboard made from oak flooring reclaimed from a local home Courtesy Photo
News_New Living_finishing school_spalted white oak_chalk board
One of the famous Meaders "chalk" boards, this one in spalted white oak (reclaimed, of course) Courtesy Photo
News_New Living_finishing school_coffee table
A red oak coffee table framing a once-broken Texstone countertop piece  Courtesy Photo
News_Cooper_New Living_The Green Painter
Meaders working away to salvage a neighbor's donated wood flooring Courtesy Photo