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What's for sale at Lawndale Design Fair? A mid-century and vintage bonanza

News_Design Fair 2011_Myan Doung_hands.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Myan Doung/The Dirty Third
News_Design Fair 2011_Sunset Settings_Herman MillerSayl_Chair_01.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Sunset Settings/Carolyn Brewer
News_Design Fair 2011_Robertson_divider
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Robertson Design
News_Design Fair 2011_Robertson_cannoli table
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Robertson Design
News_Design Fair 2011_Morgan Elizabeth Designs_01.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Morgan Elizabeth Designs
News_Design Fair 2011_Jawda and Jawda_01
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Jawda and Jawda Inc.
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Courtesy of Photo courtesy of The Local Paper
News_Design Fair 2011_The Local Paper_box_sm01.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of The Local Paper
News_Design Fair 2011_Plodes.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Plodes Studio/ John Paul and Roya Plauché
News_Design Fair 2011_Plodes_wave form.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Plodes Studio/ John Paul and Roya Plauché
News_Design Fair 2011_Peter Glassford_02.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Peter Glassford
News_Design Fair 2011_Beatniks-Nina Black Red Patent
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Beatniks
News_Design Fair 2011_Michael Wilson_spider table.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Michael Wilson
News_Design Fair 2011_Michael Wilson_tsunami credenza.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Michael Wilson
News_Design Fair 2011_Mecox_01.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Mecox Gardens
News_Design Fair 2011_Mecox_02.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Mecox Gardens
News_Design Fair 2011_Left Brain Right Brain Design_VernonCaldera_01.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Left Brain Right Brain Design/Vernon Caldera
News_Design Fair 2011_Exquisite Corpse Booksellers_Artists_Design_Furniture.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Exquisite Corpse, Booksellers
News_Design Fair 2011_Exquisite Corpse Booksellers_James_Turrell.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Exquisite Corpse, Booksellers/James Turrell
News_Design Fair 2011_David_Tsai_around-kitty.JPG
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of David Tsai
News_Design Fair 2011_CrOp by David Peck_01.jpeg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of CrOp by David Peck
News_Design Fair 2011_CrOp by David Peck_02.jpeg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of CrOp by David Peck
News_Design Fair 2011_CrOp Uganda
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of CrOp by David Peck
News_Design Fair 2011_Carol Piper Rugs_Moroccan-brown
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Carol Piper Rugs
News_Design Fair 2011_Carol Piper Rugs_Moroccan-multi.jpg
Courtesy of Photo courtesy of Carol Piper Rugs
Design Fair 2011

This weekend's Lawndale Art Center's Design Fair 2011  explores objects in the Mid-century modern style ranging from art, functional objects, personal pieces and fashion in a variety of different mediums. This photo essay exemplifies the wide range of the exhibition, with most pieces available for sale. 

The Dirty Third is a line full of unlikely charm. Taking rough, unrefined material, the designs are combined in ways that only the person wearing it can give the piece its full potential. No two pieces are alike and no two people wear them the same.

The varied collection of graphic and layering pieces, some subtle, some not, use materials like meteorite, pyrite, brass, and smoky quartz crystals. It's not about refinement, but about individuality.

Price range: $60 - $150

Carolyn Brewer’s Sunset Settings features the classic modern furniture, lighting and accessories from  Knoll Space, Herman Miller for the Home, Cassina, Alias, Kartell, Vitra, ClassiCon, Flos, Artemide, Luceplan, Franco Albini, iittala, Alessi, Rosenthal, Stelton, Mono, Sambonet, Georg Jensen, Lobmeyr and Droog, including new designs from major vendors as well as from independent designers.

Pictured here: Herman Miller Sayl office chair

Robertson Design is a multi-disciplinary firm with an expertise in modern residential architecture.

Pictured here, Robertson cannoli table.

Each piece at Robertson Design places an emphasis on form and material to serve its function. A comprehensive design process and quality craftsmanship ensure a great design that will last a lifetime. 

Morgan Elizabeth Designs specializes in custom work and alterations, creating timeless pieces,made to order. Fashions reminiscent of the past yet contemporary in appeal.

"I always aim to create pieces that are timeless, classy and versatile with a modern sophistication and edge to them," she says. "I always want my pieces to be effortless and flattering yet bold."

Price range: Pieces start at $40.

Sisters Saba and Sarah Jawda founded Jawda and Jawda as an avenue for navigating the art of style and design. Their focus is to educate, inspire and challenge the everyday mundane via architecture, interior design, art, graphic design and products including the new JAW[LINE].

Aside from fine art and greeting cards, JAW[LINE] draws from their cultural background, where the line is both handsome and timeless. The pieces are designed to work harmoniously with both modern and antique furniture.

Price range: Pieces start at $4

The Local Paper was developed from a love of pattern and design. Its specialty paper collections are designed with inspiration from travel, nature and life. All of the products are created with a great commitment to design and to the environment.

Price range: Starts at $8

The Local Paper's newest collection, which will debuted at the Fair, will showcase a practice that is integral to the owner's Pakistani heritage, taking things from everyday life and abstract them to make thoughtful, beautiful patterns for paper that anyone can enjoy. 

Plodes Studio is a Texas based multidisciplinary design firm that draws from a coalescence of art, product and architectural design.

Price range: $11 - $1,400

Inspiration behind Plodes Studio comes from researching and reinterpreting information, considering real world materials, their limits, economics, behaviors and processes, while exploring how they interact with the end user.

Pictured: Plodes Waveform shelving system

Peter Glassford's work is a fortuitous combination of natural materials and asymetry. The imperfections of the material's texture and color drive the designs. 

Price range: Pieces start at $300.

Beatniks hosts a variety of vintage pieces, along with modern goods such as high quality hand-made Argentine tango shoes. Customers can find vintage clothing pieces and accessories that are so well made they ramain wearable today.

Price range: $15 to $250, with the average being $35. Shown at right, Nina black patent shoe with rose detail

Michael Wilson is a Japanese-American self-taught woodworker, furniture maker and craftsmen. He enjoys turning wood into an art, incorporating the natural idiosyncrasies of the tree or wood he selects, to add character and beauty to each piece. Most of Wilson's work is free form as he works with a painters hand. His carvings resonate with brush strokes, soft and fluid at one moment and deliberate and exacting in the next.

Price range: $1,500 - $25,000

Pictured here: Michael Wilson spider table

With a limitless palette of walnut, acacia, and maple to name a few, Michael Wilson works each species with traditional joinery then mixed with modern design. The pieces are branded and dated when finished.

“I create modern-organic, sculptural designs, interweaving function and fine art. Combining equal parts western and eastern sensibilities with delicacy and meticulous techniques," he says. 

Pictured here: Michael Wilson tsunami credenza

Mecox Gardens will display an eclectic assortment of vintage and reproduction furniture and accessories that have been hand-picked from across the globe, representing the style of the mid 1940's to the late 1970s. 

Price range: $95 - $9,500.

Based in Southampton, NY, Mecox Gardens has showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, East Hampton, Dallas and Houston.

Left Brain Right Brain Design's terrariums are based on bonsai concepts. In bonsai, the artist/caretaker creates a vision of a forrest on a small scale. These miniature worlds are full of characters designed by nature and curated by Vernon Caldera. They are different from other works of art because each world requires interaction with its owner, adding an element of growth and change over time.

Price range: $80 - $300. 

Exquisite Corpse Booksellers is a specialized bookselling venture that focuses on high quality, often out of print, and sometimes rare books about design, art, photography, decorative arts and architecture.

Expect a lot of unusual books along with a number of monographs on emerging and established contemporary Latin American artists. 

Price range: Starts at $20

At Exquisite Corpse Booksellers, look for a fairly recent, but beautifully produced books on an architectural commission that James Turrell completed for a space in Japan.

David Tsai designs objects for living. He is a designer/ inventor/artist. Varying from furniture to small objects, he creates thoughtful objects that reflect on daily life, bending meaning and function, with a twist. 

Price range: $35 - $5,000

CrOp by David Peck is a fun and quirky clothing line with a conscience. CrOp is short for "creative opportunities". 

Price range: Dresses: $300 -$600, gowns: $500 - $900; separates: $150 - $300.

CrOp's goal is to develop a network of artists who can generate even greater opportunities together. Ten percent of the net profits go to fund a cause that inspired the collection.

Each CrOp collection is done in collaboration with other creative professionals who value giving back. 

For over two decades, Carol Piper Rugs has brought carpets to Houston that are otherwise unavailable in this region, from antique and vintage rugs of remarkable beauty and charm, to new carpets from the most creative designers and artists. Shoppers will find a thoughtfully edited booth with a variety of rug styles and sizes.

Price range: $500 - $1,500 with some exceptions

Carol Piper Rugs hopes to introduce attendees to rugs that are rarely seen. Shown here, a Moroccan rug.

Lawndale Art Center Design Fair 2011 will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.