2019 Trends

Design experts declare which home trends are must-haves for 2019

Design experts declare which home trends are must-haves for 2019

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Concrete and metal are making industrial design popular again. Photo courtesy of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

Rustic decor will be looking a little rusty in 2019, or so say the design experts at Zillow. In the real estate and rental marketplace's annual Home Trend Forecast, they lay out what's hot and what's not in decor and design for the new year.

In a turnabout from 2018, bold colors and bright patterns are now passé, to be replaced by "subtle and classic color palettes, featuring earth tones and cool blues."

But don't confuse neutral colors for farmhouse chic, as that's also on the no-no list going forward. It's time to ditch overly rustic design, which includes reclaimed wood and bare Edison lightbulbs, and make a move toward more modern looks.

In its place, Zillow says you'll see a lot more sleek glass and metal, with industrial materials like concrete being softened by organic, handmade elements like natural wall coverings and hand-stitched pieces.

Two contrasting ideas are battling for popularity, with smart home technology and voice-activated products becoming more seamlessly integrated into home design while residents simultaneously strive for "havens of quiet and calm."

Seeking out places that encourage disconnecting from this always-on world could mean incorporating acoustic panels, sheer fabrics, and colored lights to create a tranquil feel.