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Dian Malouf is inspired to create jewelry you can't find anywhere else. Photo courtesy of Dian Malouf
Dian Malouf man made opal ring
A Dian Malouf ring with man-made opal. Dian Malouf/Facebook
Jewelry designer Dian Malouf
Jewelry designer Dian Malouf. Photo courtesy of Dian Malouf
Dian Malouf silver necklace
Dian Malouf silver necklace. Dian Malouf/Facebook
Dian Malouf pearl rings
Malouf is currently on a pearl kick. Dian Malouf/Facebook
Dian Malouf gold ring
Malouf also creates pieces in 14-karat gold. Dian Malouf/Facebook