Stylist Secrets

Secrets to a flawless outfit every time: Fashion stylist reveals tricks of the trade

Secrets to a flawless outfit every time: Stylist's tricks of the trade

Not every woman has the time or ability to pull together an outfit with panache and polish. That’s when it’s time to call in reinforcements.

That’s just what we did for this video. We asked the savvy stylists at Front Door Fashion to share a few of their secrets. Professionals at the Dallas-based service hand-select clothing and accessories according to their clients’ preferences, box up the custom looks, and deliver them directly to the women’s doorsteps.

Front Door Fashion sent in Morgan Purcell, who offers these three tips:

  • Create new neutrals with animal prints.
  • Incorporate color, texture, and shine into every outfit.
  • Use shapewear no matter your size.

To see Purcell’s advice in action, watch the video. 

Front Door Fashion
Learn the tricks of the stylist trade in this video. Photo by MichaelAngelo Saucedo