Nobody Likes a Tease

The H&M blues: Trendy chain has no plans for Houston stores

The H&M blues: Trendy chain has no plans for Houston stores

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The hope and rumors about Houston being graced with an H&M simmer constantly, so when national ads popped up during the Emmy’s and continued to appear during primetime, the mill really started to roll. Is the Swedish cheap, chic going to West Ave? CityCentre? Highland Village? The Houston Pavilions?

In a word, no.

A chat with H&M spokesperson Nicole Christie cleared up the misunderstanding.

“We don’t have anything to announce about a store coming up in Texas unfortunately. Of course, we think Texas is a really important market, but we don’t have anything coming right now,” Christie says.

As for those teaser commercials, they are part of H&M’s first television campaign to run in the United States. The commercials are running in nation-wide markets, regardless if the store has a presence there or not.

“That is what you have seen. It is fun for us and we are really excited about it,” Christie says.

It’s a disheartening blow for southern shoppers who are swooning over the just-confirmed news of a Lanvin “fast-fashion” collection debuting in stores November 23. Alber Elbaz is designing the women’s line and Lucas Ossendrijver is at the helm of the menswear, a move Elbaz was, until recently, against. In an H&M video, Elbaz says “what intrigued me was the idea of H&M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public. So I say, I do."

We do too Alber. If we could.