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Whataburger unveils new class of merch including fry backpacks and canvas shoes

Whataburger unveils new class of merch including backpacks and shoes

whataburger merch back to school
No need asking where this came from. Photo by Whataburger

Whatburger is coming for our closets (and wallets) yet again, with nine new back-to-school looks and accessories.

Fans of the San Antonio-based burger giant have long been able to proudly showcase their Whataburger pride with clothing and home goods, and the internet went absolutely bananas this past June when the company issued its collection of Whataburger-themed running shoes.

In time for the new school year, check out this new class of Whataburger merch.

Cosmetic bag — $12.99
Maybe your makeup or pencil bag game needs an update. Or, make things interesting, as Whataburger suggests, by using this case to sneak an order of fries into class. Pretty sure even this bag can’t hide that smell, so bring enough for everyone. 

Don’t Veto My Taquito Tee — $21.99
There's officially a movement for everything now, and this one rhymes. Sizes range from adult small to adult 2XL.

Dream pens — $9.99
Well, you gotta have something to put in your new makeup bag. 

External phone charger — $24.99
Gone are the days of choosing between going to Whataburger and waiting for your phone to charge. These portable chargers are all the rage right now, and give diners plenty of juice to Snap, Tweet, Insta, and TikTok their time away.

Fry backpack — $39.99.
Sometimes when shopping for kids, you come across something that not only they would like, but you kinda want for yourself. What do you do? Buy two, of course.

Fry-Day Tee — $19.99
Confirms what we already know in our hearts: fry-day is whenever we want it to be. Plus, it works as part of a set with the "Don't Veto My Taquito" T-shirt. Sizes range from adult small to adult 3XL.

Insulated lunch bag — $12.99
Whether holding a routine PB&J or a Double Meat Whataburger, this temperature-controlled bag is an upgrade from paper sacks.

Whataburger custom canvas shoe — $42.99
Show some respect by wearing your best Whataburger kicks next time you roll up to the joint. The new canvas shoes are available in women’s sizes 5-11 and men’s sizes 4-12. Wear a half-size? Whataburger recommends going a size up. (If these aren't your style, the popular Whataburger Custom Running Style Shoe will be restocked in September.)

Zipper ear buds — $19.99
Keep listening to “Old Town Road” in style this fall with this accessory or stash it away for when you need a last-minute gift. The buds zip up instead of tangle, Whataburger says on the packaging (by the way, points for design).