Better than a swimsuit

Dare to wear: Great $20 and under outfit options for the summer heat — be bold without baking

Dare to wear: Great $20 and under outfit options for the summer heat — be bold without baking

The feature of both a high waist and ballooned hips is enough to initially freak any fashion-forward woman out. But designers sure have gotten comfortable with the peg leg trouser trend (looser up top, tapered at the ankle) over the past several seasons, so maybe we should trust their eye and give the trend a spin. (Remember when skinny jeans looked ridiculous to the unaccustomed eye?)

I dare to bring this option to your attention because it's really damn hard to appear "put together" when you're working with triple digit summer temps and all you'd like to be wearing is a swimsuit. A great relief, the peg leg trouser trend focuses on breathable, lightweight, comfortable fabrics, more often than not.

So not only will the sweat running down your legs (you know it's true) remain a sight unseen, you'll nail casual-chic.

Like any other fashion statement, the key to pulling it off lies in the balance of the look. Since these pants can tend towards the side of "roomy," try pairing them with a tailored and/or cropped shirt and high heels in order to look really polished.

Below are some great options for under $50:

Forever21 nails the look for $20 or less. If you're going with an animal print, keep the top a muted neutral. 

Asos shows us how to work the trend into a fall wardrobe with closed toed boots and a simple fitted black tee.

Don't fear the pleat! Sky-high heals and a tailored button down make this look an office go-to, thanks to Asos. We also predict the copper/orange color will be all over fall palettes. 

Another under $20, Forever 21-find with a belt tie, which offers built-in waist definition for the funky look. 

Have you given this trend a try? Leave your tips in the comments below.