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News_River Oaks Theatre_Save This Landmark_marquee_night
The grand dame River Oaks Theatre is still here despite floods, the threat of demolition, protests, rumors about ghosts and a waning interest in films on the big screen. Photo courtesy of River Oaks Theatre
News_Sarah Gish_River Oaks Theatre_Dec. 2009_Bachelor Mother_movie poster
"Bachelor Mother" starring David Niven and Ginger Rogers played on Nov. 28, 1939, the first movie shown at the theater.
News_River Oaks Theatre_front_entrance_night
Lights, action: The box office at night
News_River Oaks Theatre_archival image
Archival shot of the River Oaks Theatre, before it was surrounded by a shopping center.
News_River Oaks Theatre_schedule_David Welling collection
Before VCRs and DVDs, the River Oaks had a strong repertory program of classic films that changed nightly. Courtesy of David Welling Collection
News_River Oaks Theatre_Karl Hoblitzelle_interstate founder
Karl Hoblizelle, founder of Interstate Theatres
News_Sarah Gish_River Oaks Theatre_Dec. 2009_popcorn_closeup_generic
Popcorn: Still a great reason to go to the movies.