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JFK assassination couple in car
The day of the assassination of JFK, a tragedy Bob Schieffer calls "the weekend America lost its innocence" Photo by Walt Cisco/Dallas Morning News/Wikipedia
Bob Schieffer profile photo
Bob Schieffer returned to the scene of the crime to conduct interviews and tape commentaries for his Sunday morning program as part of his network’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. NAB.org
live on the set of Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer at The Sixth Floor Museum closed set
The closed set of Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer at The Sixth Floor Museum The Sixth Floor Museum on Dealey Plaza_Facebook
Bob Schieffer young journalist during JFK assassination November 2013
Bob Schieffer as a young journalist CBSPressExpress.com
Marguerite Oswald JFK assassination
A 26-year-old Bob Schieffer landed an exclusive, career-boosting interview, conducted primarily during the hour-long drive from Fort Worth to Dallas, with Marguerite Oswald. SavingJackiek.com
Ferd Kaufman, Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK assassination
Lee Harvey Oswald, left in handcuffs, and Ferd Kaufman after the JFK assassination Photo courtesy of Sixth Floor Museum
Bob Schieffer, left, and Joe Leydon
Bob Schieffer, left, and Joe Leydon at the former Texas Schoolbook Depository Courtesy photo
Texas School Book Depository Building and Dealey Plaza
The former Texas School Book Depository building and Dealey Plaza Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza