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The real story of the Beyonce photobomb: Truth missing in wild, viral tale

The real story of the Beyonce photobomb: Truth missing in viral tale

Beyonce photobombs a fan October 2013
Although shown here in a teen fan's selfie, it turns out that Beyonce didn't "photobomb" after all. Beyonce/Facebook

Viral word spread that while performing on stage in Melbourne, Houston's own entertainment superstar Beyonce "photobombed" a fan's selfie this week. The photo, taken by a 15-year-old Australian girl named Valentina, was quickly posted to Tumblr and instantly became an Internet sensation.

Media outlet after media outlet reported that the fan worked her way up to the front of the stage and was fortunate enough for Beyonce to "photobomb" her.

It's an incredibly amazing story. But it isn't quite true.

Although the photo in question was definitely taken while Beyonce was performing on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, the fan took to her Tumblr on Wednesday to clear up any confusion, clarifying that she had actually asked the singer to take the picture with her.

Her Tumblr post, entitled "THE TRUTH" reads: "I have been the girl that got her selfie 'photobombed' by Beyonce [but], in fact, I asked her for the photo. She posed and smiled as the perfect person she is! Just thought I’d clear the air."

The teen also added a link to a YouTube video that shows her clearly asking the singer to oblige her with a photo.

The confusion arose after Valentina originally posted on Tumblr that she didn't expect Beyonce to look at her phone. Many interpreted this to mean that the singer had surprised her by sneaking into the photo, rather than that she was merely shocked Beyonce had agreed to pose with her.

While the idea of Beyonce "photobombing" a fan's selfie is more exciting than the real story, it's still quite impressive that the superstar posed for the photo — and grabbed Valentina's friend's hand, as seen in the video — all while performing in the middle of a concert.