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Was Christopher Columbus gay? A National Coming Out Day mystery solved

Was Christopher Columbus gay? A National Coming Out Day mystery solved

This was one busy day if you’re a closeted Canadian. Monday is National Coming Out Day as well as Canada’s Thanksgiving.

Many countries observe National Coming Out Day including Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Croatia, Poland and the United Kingdom. Monday is also Columbus Day. Coincidence?

Historians have contacted CultureMap with a shocking new theory: Christopher Columbus was gay. I know some gay men might not want his name on their team's roster — he massacred the natives, got a bit money-hungry and was terrible with directions. However, the evidence is overwhelming. Since the Italian-born explorer is no longer with us, I will take the time to come out for Christopher Columbus.

Still unconvinced? Consider the following:

1. His name was Christopher Columbus.

Not Chris but Christopher. As author David Rakoff says, “Of course it’s not ‘Adam and Steve.’ It’s Adam and Stephen. No gay man in his right mind would go by ‘Steve.’ ”

2. He always wore that frilly little hat. Gay men are great at accessorizing.

3. He has a statue in SoMo (South Montrose). Everyone knows that’s gay-town. 

4. He hung out with Queen Isabella a lot. Queens love queens.

5. His marriage was pure politics. He married Filipa Moniz Perestrelo, the daughter of the Porto Santo governor and Portuguese nobleman of Genoese origin Bartolomeu Perestrelo. Some records report that Filipa died in 1485. Others speculate that Columbus may have simply left his first wife … because he was gay.

Sadly Columbus lived in a time when homosexuality was viewed as sexual deviance and unaccepted. Stand up for the explorer and come out for him.

Inform strangers, "Christopher Columbus was gay and I accept him for that."

News-Columnist-Steven Thomson-on statue
There's a statue of Christopher Columbus in SoMo. Enough said? Tony Bullard
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It's National Coming Out Day. diogenesii.wordpress.com
And also Columbus Day ... You think that's coincidence? Rendering by Currier and Ives/Library of Congress
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Shopping for pumpkins in Ottawa for Canadian Thanksgiving. Photo by Lars Plougmann