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Good Wife, bad TV? Oral sex scene on hit series is a surprise

Good Wife, bad TV? Oral sex scene on hit series is a surprise

News_Good Wife_Josh Charles_Julianna Marguiles_Chris Noth
Julianna Marguiles and the two men in her TV life, Josh Charles, left, and Chris Noth, right

Call me a prude.

But I was caught off guard while watching my favorite showThe Good Wife, Tuesday night, when Chris Noth and Julianna Marguiles engaged in a steamy sex scene in the bathroom.

At first I thought it was a run-of-the-mill encounter, but when Noth slipped out of camera range, heading south, and the camera focused on Marguiles' blissful face for several seconds, it hit me: This was the first oral sex scene I had seen on network TV.

And it was on CBS, the stodgy network known for highly-rated procedural dramas aimed at an older audience.

Who do they think they are, HBO?

The clip had been shown during a press briefing in August, but there was speculation it was a marketing ploy and the scene would be scrapped before its airdate.

At the press conference Marguiles boasted that is was probably the first oral sex scene on a network show, although she later got offended when a reporter asked if she had done any research for the part.

It's debatable whether it's a network first. 

In 2008, during the premiere episode of the CW series, 90210, one of the main characters spotted her ex-boyfriend in a car when a girl's head popped up from underneath the dash. The scene didn't go over well. Jennie Garth, who starred in the original Beverly Hills 90210 series in the 1990s told Entertainment Weekly that series creator Aaron Spelling was "rolling over in his grave right now."

In The Good Wife, the scene made sense in a way. Noth was all turned on because he had watched Marguiles, a lawyer, do well in court. They've had their problems because he's a politician who was caught with a prostitute. The couple is tentatively making their way together, but she's attracted to another lawyer (Josh Charles) who is a whole lot more interesting than Noth.

I bet fans of the series are hoping for a replay of the bathroom scene, only between Marguiles and Charles. If that happens, I won't be surprised.