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Even with sexual superpowers, the Tamara Drewe comic book movie spells U.S. wet noodle

Even with sexual superpowers, the Tamara Drewe comic book movie spells U.S. wet noodle

On Oct. 8, a new comic-turned-movie will hit the theaters. And almost no one in the United States will care.

Why? Because this comic has nothing to do with an alcoholic -millionaire-turned-superhero in a suit of armor, an obnoxious warrior cast out of Asgard, or a guy with a glowing green ring.

The next comic to be put on the silver screen is the United Kingdom’s comedic Tamara Drewe series. Tamara Drewe is a weekly comic strip by Posy Simmonds that runs in The Guardian, and has also been published as a graphic novel.

The comic itself actually has nothing to do with heroes battling villains; rather, it is a cheeky English series that reads like real life. Unlike many gifted superheroes, however, Tamara’s only "powers” are writing and having sex with every local man in town.

The story, a modern take on Far from the Madding Crowd, centers around Tamara Drewe returning to her small English countryside hometown. She’s young, more attractive after a nose job, and has goals of interviewing a rock star.

Things don't go exactly as planned, and after bedding a few locals (around three of them) (OK, maybe five), she decides that she wants to write a novel and daydream about naked men.

What a life!

The movie should fare well with women who like romantic comedies, and with those who like seeing shirtless men on screen. But it's almost guaranteed to do better in the UK than in the States, because English comedy is just plain weird to us.

In a way, because a weekly published strip is being turned into movie, it gives a glimmer of hope that smaller or lesser known comics have a shot at making it to the production studio. So, while Tamara Drewe is not a personal favorite, I still hope it does well enough so that non-obsessed comic book lovers can learn that there are amazing stories that don’t involve that dick Spiderman or the goody two-shoed Superman. 

Now you know you wanna see the trailer.


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