Don't miss Andy Warhol's ghost

A quick guide to September art openings in Houston: The Pop Pamphlet

A quick guide to September art openings in Houston: The Pop Pamphlet

The upcoming weekends are a whirlwind of openings, as Houston's galleries and museums unveil their latest bevy of art for the fall season. With receptions and public lectures galore, now is the time to penetrate the Houston art scene and get a glimpse of the community's breadth.

Throughout September, CultureMap will be offering a series of guides to make sense of the season, based on taste and preferences. We've handpicked the best of the best to select your must-see set.

Today, we explore the range of Pop (and neo-Pop) art taking root on gallery walls this month.

The work of Mexico City-based artist Aldo Chaparro at Gallery Sonja Roesch calls to mind a cleaner John Chamberlain, with its warped steel sculptures. Yet, there's a synthesized, Latin-infused palette.

The works in the exhibition, "MORE THAN THIS," take inspiration from song lyrics and pop culture that surrounds contemporary music and art rock. The show's title itself comes from the 1982 Roxy Music hit. By utilizing a variety of materials, Chaparro remixes and edits references from the media world.

A collaborative performance will take place on opening night, Sept. 18  from 5-7 p.m., by Mexican musician Bibi Zambrano, titled Here We Are Now, Entertain Us. Look for Andy Warhol's ghost in the audience. The exhibition will be on view through Oct. 30.

Curated by Lea Weingarten and PEEL, "If Nothing Else Matters" features new work by San Francisco-based artist Libby Black, who will be in attendance at the show's opening. Through painting, drawing and sculpture, Black's work incorporates the iconography of the fashion world and luxury brands to investigate the mechanics of desire, access and privilege.

This collection grapples with imperfection, vulnerability and ambivalence, confronting head-on the dilemma of what it means to fit in, and at what cost. 

In conjunction with the exhibition, Black will lecture at the Glassell School of Art's Freed Auditorium on Wednesday at 2 p.m. An opening reception at PEEL will be held on Friday from 6:30-9 p.m. The exhibition is on view through Oct. 16.

Artist Laurie Simmons has described the sculpture of John Newman as a "party invitation." Join the party at a Sept. 16 unveiling of his work at Texas Gallery from 6-8 p.m. The exhibition, featuring new sculptural works and drawings on paper, is on view through Oct. 30.

Demanding to be seen in person, the pieces at Texas are both intimate and iconoclastic. In pure Pop form, an incongruity arises between the elements, combining humor and shameless references. Ken Price is rolling in his grave.

News_Steven_Aldo Chaparro_Gallery Sonja Roesch_Purple2
Aldo Chaparro, "Purple 2" Courtesy of Gallery Sonja Roesch