« Back to article: Coldplay takes over Texas with a burst of confetti, fireworks and spectacular music

Chris Martin on stage at Coldplay concert
Chris Martin dominated the stage at the Coldplay concert in Arlington. Photo by Jane Howze
Coldplay laser show
Coldplay burst into Arlington's AT&T Stadium with lights, love, lasers and good vibes.  Photo by Jane Howze
The Coldplay oncert was a feast of color
The band launched into title track "A Head Full of Dreams" in a jaw-dropping display of color, confetti, fireworks and a light show generated by lasers as the audience waved LED wrist bands. Photo by Jane Howze
Chris Martin confetti at Coldplay concert
Confetti rained down on Chris Martin at the Coldplay concert. Photo by Jane Howze
Coldplay performed several acoustic numbers on a small stage
Over the next two hours, the band performed 23 songs, eight of which were from the most recent album, A Head Full of Dreams.  Photo by Jane Howze
Chris Martin sporting a Texas flag
Chrs Martin sported a Texas flag. Photo by Jane Howze
Chris Martin, Coldplay
Chris Martin had everyone laughing and agreeing when he said "If I lived in Texas I would just spend part of the summer in my refrigerator." Photo by Jane Howze
Screens on either side of stage at Coldplay concert offered interesting scenes
The screens on either side of the stage offered colorful scenes. Photo by Jane Howze