Getting Even with the Big Cover

People magazine banks on Elin as she settles for $154 million from Tiger Woods

People magazine banks on Elin as she settles for $154 million from Tiger Woods

By now those of us in tune with the murmurings in the magazine industry know what big score had the people at People increasing their print run AND upping their prices.

No, Mariah hasn't confirmed her pregnancy. Nor is Lindsay Lohan giving her first post-rehab "no really ya'll, I just went on a nasty Adderall bender after being misdiagnosed with ADHD — I just like mine crushed" interview.

No, the biggest cover of the year is an exclusive with Elin Nordegren (formerly Woods), who talked to the magazine over 19 hours in what she says is her first, and final, interview. There's only a teaser online, but it seems Elin touches on her collapsed marriage to monogamously challenged golf champ Tiger Woods and her plans to raise their two young kids.

The interview is remarkable not only for the access the ultra-private Elin gives, but for its debunking of her rumored promise of eternal silence (they were serious) in exchange for a settlement that was once put at nearly $750 million.

(The cover itself is noteworthy in how demure and void of sex-appeal the stunning former swimsuit model/nanny appears — we'd have plastered bikini pics of ourselves all over newsstands).

New reports have pegged Elin's final divorce settlement figure at much closer to $154 million. And while we don't expect Elin to become some sort of touring woman scorned, I doubt she feels compelled to keep her mouth shut. She certainly doesn't owe Tiger anything. 

News_Elin Nordegren_yellow_bikini
We'd have plastered bikini pics of ourselves across newsstands.
News_Elin Nordegren_head shot_mug
Why didn't they use this mug shot, we ask?