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Lesbian ballerina kisses & nudity aside, Natalie Portman is an inferior actress to Rachel Bilson

Lesbian ballerina kisses & nudity aside, Natalie Portman is an inferior actress to Rachel Bilson

Natalie Portman is at it again, drawing a ton of attention for supposedly doing something daring in a film. This time it's a lesbian kiss with Mila Kunis in the upcoming ballerina thriller Black Swan.

Portman is aghast — completely aghast! — that the kiss is all anyone is talking about after the release of this "serious" December film's trailer. If only she was a better actress to convey that.

For that's the real truth behind Portman. The entire Natalie Portman phenomenon has nothing to do with acting and everything to do with Star Wars geeks.

Portman isn't a very good actress. And please don't bring up Brothers and her overwrought Lifetime movie performance — one that even Jennifer Love Hewitt could have bettered on a good day.

No, Portman stands up as an A-lister for one reason and one reason only — she's obsessed over by those who somehow still believe in the power of the Force after George Lucas' cringe-worthy prequel trio of movies.

As Kunis herself told "Nat is like every guy's dream. She's a nerd's idea of heaven. The whole thing is silly, but I can see why people care."

Much of the buzz that propelled Portman to an Academy Award nomination for Closer centered on a stripping scene in which she didn't really strip. How shocking for the young Princess Leia or whoever the hell Portman was supposed to be in those horrid Phantom Menace movies (Apparently, Padmé Amidala).

Now, Black Swan depends on another hook designed to titillate the never-grown-up Star Wars crowd. See Luke Skywalker's MILF make out with the girl from That '70s Show. Scandalous. If you're 40 going on 13.

There is nothing wrong with being a completely overrated actress per se. Many actors built mega careers doing the same.

It's just sad to see better young actresses get overshadowed by Portman's propped-up career status. Including Rachel Bilson, Portman's acting superior in so many ways.

Watch Bilson in The Last Kiss and it quickly becomes apparent what she can do with a decent script, the scripts that Portman steals from so many more talented thespians. In fact, Bilson makes that Zach Braff movie much more watchable (despite Braff himself remaining equally annoying) than Portman's Braff movie turn, The Garden State.

Heck, some of Bilson's acting in even The O.C. is better than Portman's work in the much-better-written V for Vendetta.

If only roles were determined by skill, not who lucked into Star Wars' chick status, earning a lifetime of box-office-building drool from 45-year-old adolescents.


Portman & Kunis go at it:

Natalie Portman Star Wars
Natalie Portman's A-list status depends on the fawning of Star Wars geeks.
Rachel Bilson
While Rachel Bilson is a superior actress, Portman uses ...
Mila Kunis
lesbian kiss scenes with Mila Kunis to get the Stars Wars' 45-year-olds pumped up for her new movie, Black Swan.