Into the (publicity) fire

Rihanna (not the overblown Megan Fox) deserves the credit or blame for Eminem video

Rihanna (not the overblown Megan Fox) deserves the credit or blame for Eminem video

Megan Fox seems to be sucking up most of the attention for the controversial new video for Eminem's domestic violence song, "Love the Way You Lie."

Whether it's her laudable donation of her fee for acting in the video to a women's shelter or the absurd obsession with her on-screen kiss with Lost actor Dominic Monaghan in the video, it's become all about Megan Fox. Only one problem ... Rihanna (one of the actual musical artists in the video) is the one who has well-documented public experience with being the victim of domestic violence.

If you're going to praise the video for shedding light on domestic violence or rip it for potentially glorifying it, Rihanna — not Fox — deserves to be at the center of the discussion. Rihanna is the one who made a bold decision and put herself out there by teaming up with Eminem (who has his own history of domestic violence incidents) for the song.

Rihanna is the one who sings, "Just gonna stand there and watch me burn/Well that's all right because I like the way it hurts/Just gonna stand there and here me cry/Well that's all right because I love the way you lie" as a house burns down behind her.

Fox just does her usual: Look vapid and act poorly.

Fitting with their personalities, Rihanna is choosing to let the video speak for itself, content to let people draw their own conclusions, while Fox and especially Monaghan talk their way into the spotlight.

When even a video that examines domestic violence becomes a publicity grab, it's apparent that good taste is long gone.



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Rihanna is the one who put herself out there in the new Eminem video.
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But Megan Fox is stealing all the attention. Courtesy of Armani