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The schnoz scoop: Erica Rose hooks up with Bachelor's Vienna Girardi for Houston nose job

The schnoz scoop: Erica Rose hooks up with Bachelor's Vienna Girardi for Houston nose job

News_Vienna Giardi_The Batchelor
A post-op Vienna Giardi at a Los Angeles airport. Photo via Wet Paint
News_Erica Rose_Dr. Franklin Rose
Erica Rose and her father, Dr. Franklin Rose Photo by Fulton Davenport: PWL Studio
News_Vienna Giardi_The Batchelor
The "old" Vienna Giardi on "The Batchelor Pad"
News_Vienna Giardi_The Batchelor
News_Erica Rose_Dr. Franklin Rose
News_Vienna Giardi_The Batchelor

The much-maligned Bachelor (and Bachelor Pad 2) starlet Vienna Girardi touched down in Houston for a July 15 nose job by plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars, Dr. Franklin Rose. Serving as rhinoplasty liaison was none other than Vienna's Bachelor Pad 2 costar and Dr. Rose's daughter, Erica Rose.

The plastic surgery pairing was a match made in heaven.

"It's funny," Erica tells CultureMap, "before I left for filming my dad said to me to tell Vienna that he wanted to do her nose. I said, 'No, dad, that's rude!' but it ended up working out."

After arriving at the California set of Bachelor Pad 2, the 25-year-old Vienna first approached Erica about Daddy Rose rearranging what she felt was a feature that didn't match her body.

Vienna elaborated on Twitter: "I want my surgery to be looked at as positive reflection of how I feel. If it makes you feel better about yourself then DO IT. xoxo."

"Vienna confessed that she's always wanted her nose done," Dr. Rose says. "She felt her nose was too long and not too attractive."

Vienna explained to Entertainment Tonight, "I have wanted it since I was a little girl. Nine, ten years old I remember not liking my nose. I have my dad's nose. But I don't want a boy's nose. I want to feel beautiful." She added, "I am a little nervous but I feel like it's Christmastime for me. I am finally getting something I have always wanted." Dr. Rose notes that this wasn't the reality star's first time under the knife. 

Prior to Vienna's Christmas in July present at the Utopia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa office in Uptown Park, Erica entertained her reality TV homegirl with a Houston Dynamo game and visits to one of the new funeral bars (Roak), La Griglia and Crave Cupcakes.

During her operation at Utopia, Vienna had Erica at her side — along with the film crew of Entertainment Tonight, which developed a feature on the surgery for a segment that recently aired.

Once the cameras turned off and the anesthesia wore away, Vienna was pampered for three days chez Rose.

"She's a very pretty girl, very polite and charming," reports Dr. Rose of Vienna's stint recouping at his family's home. "She was just hibernating in her room. We had to keep a close eye on her because she's a well-known celebrity."

And that celebrity is pleased with her results. "She sent me a text yesterday that said, 'I love love love my new nose xoxo,' " says Dr. Rose. Vienna tells Us Weekly, "It has only been a few days since my surgery and I'm in a ton of pain but the excitement of seeing my new nose soon is keeping me in good spirits. I have my wonderful boyfriend Kasey Kahl here taking care of me and my girlfriend Erica Rose."

The surgeon says that Vienna will have a nose unveiling party in LA in the weeks ahead. "I'm excited to see her new nose once the swelling is down and she has makeup on," Erica says.

Bachelor Pad 2 premiers Aug. 8. Both Erica and Vienna "did very well" on the show according to Dr. Rose. "I think I'll come off in a positive light," Erica says, but she warns, "I get caught in the middle of the drama between Vienna and Jake because I think Jake's not a bad guy. That was kind of stressful. It strained our friendship, but we got over it."

The season also holds "a little bit of romance and a lot of fun" for the University of Houston law student.

"I'm definitely back in summer school," reports Erica, who is on track to graduate from the UH Law Center in December. Regarding her post-commencement ambitions, she says, "That's still up in the air. I could definitely see myself going into entertainment law."

Meanwhile, another Bachelor Pad 2 contestant (whose name cannot be revealed) is beginning talks with Dr. Rose on a potential breast augmentation.