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At last: The voice behind Corpse Flower Lois is revealed (with video)

At last: The voice behind Corpse Flower Lois is revealed (with video)

One reason Lois the corpse flower has captured the attention of so many Houstonians is a Twitter account, CorpzFlowrLois, that in less than two weeks has grown to more than 2,100 followers. The pithy comments in the voice of Lois have delighted followers and helped propel record attendance at the Houston Museum of Natural Science as thousands of fans have flocked to see her.

Just before a party at midnight Sunday in the museum's outdoor garden for hundreds of fans who attended a CultureMap pop-up party, Lois tweeted, "Cerón is here to put in my petal extensions and @ChloeDao just dropped off my ensemble for the party. Fab, love you two."

It was a coming out party for the voice of Lois, CultureMap's own Steven Thomson. Look for Steven's account of what it's been like to take on the persona of Houston's most famous plant and the power of social media later today on CultureMap.

Here's a Channel 13 report on the big reveal:

News_Lois_Steven Thomson_Close Up_July 2010
Steven Thomson was upstairs in the museum with Lois..... Michelle Watson for
News_Lois_Pop Up Party_July 2010
...while fans began to gather at a CultureMap Pop-Up party late Saturday night to find out the identity of @CorpzFlowrLois. Michelle Watson for