A wedding in Wasilla?

For love or money? The Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston romance raises questions

For love or money? The Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston romance raises questions

America's most famous teen mom, Bristol Palin, is back together with her backwater baby daddy, Levi Johnston. And they aren't just DTFIL — according to this week's splashy Us Weekly cover, they're engaged.

Usually stories of love conquering adversity bring out uncontrolled fits of "aww!", this one just seems so ... sad. How hard is it to be a single mom? Hard enough to marry Levi Johnston just to get some help around the house.

One would think that Bristol's rising fame, including her role as a Candies ambassador for teen abstinence, public speaking gigs at $30,000 a pop and a new role on ABC Family's moralistic teen soap Secret Life of the American Teenager, would give her enough independence to find a beau whose mother wasn't arrested for running a meth lab.

But maybe I'm wrong about Levi. Maybe there's more to him than a pretty face and a penchant for hunting and nudity. Maybe the apology to the Palins he sent through People magazine was sincere. After all, the custody battle between Levi and the Palins was often over him wanting to see more of son Tripp — hardly the sign of a deadbeat dad.

And even though I highly doubt Sarah Palin didn't know about the engagement until it hit the press, I like to think that this is two young adults — and two parents — making their own decisions and coming together on their own terms, not being shoved towards the altar by a rising political star.

Plus, with mom Sarah's barely disguised distaste for the match revealed in her statement to NBC News, Levi surely has that bad-boy rebel appeal that every 19-year-old girl craves.

But if fame is what tore them apart, can a mag cover announcement of an engagement bode well? In this case, let's just say we hope so.

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