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Justin Timberlake thinks he's the new Mark Zuckerberg, tries to raise MySpace from the dead

Justin Timberlake thinks he's the new Mark Zuckerberg, tries to raise MySpace from the dead

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JT wants to bring sexy back to currently-defunct MySpace.

Justin Timberlake is going through an identity crisis: He played a major part in wanna-be Oscar darling The Social Network, and now he's purchased a stake in the thought-to-be-defunct MySpace.

Specific Media recently purchased the precursor to Facebook from News Corp., and, according to the Los Angeles Times, Timberlake was part of the equation the entire time.

Apparently, as News Corp. and Specific Media raced to seal the $35 million deal, a team consisting of Timberlake's manager, Nicole Winnaman (president and founder of entertainment branding firm Winnaman & Associates), and MySpace's founders, Tim and Chris Vanderhook, raced even faster to close a deal associating the former boybander with the brand.

With this move, MySpace hopes to get back to its roots as a music-based social media experience. Bringing on Timberlake, with his career that transcends genre-based boundaries, is a move that indicates the network is serious about this change. 

Forbes' Sasha Strauss questions the efficacy of the change though, arguing that Timberlake's presence alone won't save MySpace, but could lengthen its life expectancy.

While naysayers have expressed the idea that there simply is no more room for MySpace, Strauss disagrees, asserting that it is up to the site to carve its own niche in the wide world of the Internet.

By focusing solely on music promotion, MySpace could rise from the dead.

Musicians love nothing more than direct interaction with their fans, and MySpace provides a platform to do just that. With the focus turned more towards music promotion, instead of teenage girls taking duck-faced mirror shots, the site could find its way back to relevancy. 

Is the JT + MySpace partnership a good move? Or do you just wish he'd get his butt back into the recording studio? Let your voice be heard in the comments!