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Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen talks Real Housewives of Houston with Pride

Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen talks Real Housewives of Houston with Pride

The Bravolebrity himself, Andy Cohen is touching down in Space City to serve as the Celebrity Grand Marshal at Saturday's Pride Houston parade. The media mogul took a few minutes today to speak with CultureMap about his visit, his hit show — and all the Bayou City buzz over the producer jockeying for a  Real Housewives of Houston.

CultureMap: Your serving as the Celebrity Grand Marshal of Pride Parade is a bit of a coup for Houston. How did this all come together?

Andy Cohen: They contacted me awhile ago — I'm gonna say it was sometime last winter. Summer was something distant in the future, that I couldn't even imagine happening. I asked around and heard Houston has a great event. The fact that it's at night — I thought it would be fun.

CM: Have you been to Houston before?

AC: My best friend's surrogate lived in Houston. I was there for less than a day to witness the birth.

CM: What is your impression of Houston? Do you have any expectations for the Parade?

AC: I expect it to be big, and fun, and hot, and just bold. Larger than life.

CM: Is this your first time marshaling a parade?

AC: This is my first. I've lived in New York for many years, where Gay Pride is so much fun. It's such an honor to come to Houston.

CM: Do you have any big surprises planned for tomorrow's parade?

AC: I'm gonna wing it. I'm just gonna have fun. I'm coming down with a friend — have a laugh, check it out.

CM: There's a lot of buzz in town about the potentiality of a Real Housewives of Houston. Is there truth behind the talk?

AC: It's not us. We love Houston, and we've done casting in Houston in the past, but we're not casting there right now. Maybe it's somebody who wants to do it.

CM: Your spontaneous Watch What Happens show is quite the hit here. What do you think makes it so addictive?

AC: I think it's fun, and that it's live. It's like a cocktail party, and it's inclusive. It's also a small show, sort of like Wayne's World, in which I'm doing a show from my den, but Jerry Seinfeld happens to be in my den, or Danielle, or Sarah Jessica Parker. I think it's a really specific sort of vibe — as unscripted as it could possibly be. The fact that it's so interactive is a draw.

Cohen told us that he plans on hitting the town after the parade — watch what happens.

Andy Cohen - Sarah Jessica Parker
Andy Cohen isn't just loved by viewers, he's a BFF for celebrity friends like Sarah Jessica Parker.
News_Erica Rose_Cindi Rose
Cohen allows that there's been Houston casting in the past, but says he's not in on the current jockeying to be on a show — yet. Photo by Jenny Antill
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Cohen is intrigued that Houston's Pride Parade takes place at night.