Not the most scientific system

Star crossed soccer: Astrology leads French World Cup coach astray

Star crossed soccer: Astrology leads French World Cup coach astray

Taking bets on who will win tomorrow's critical France vs South Africa World Cup match? Best to check the teams' horoscopes.

At least that's the philosophy of French coach Raymond Domenech, who has admitted that a passion for astrology has impacted his squad selection.

"All parameters have to be considered and I have added one by saying there is astrology involved," Domenech has said.

The ersatz star-reading tactic has come under fire at this year's World Cup, where France, the 1998 champion and 2006 finalist, lost 2-0 to Mexico, tied Uruguay 0-0 and needs to beat South Africa to have any chance at even advancing to the knockout round. The coach, who himself is an Aquarius with Virgo rising, previously viewed Scorpio Robert Pires with great suspicion, cutting the player from the team.

Scorpios were not the only casualties of such a démodé policy, as Domenech has made public his mistrust in Leos: "When I have got a Leo in defense, I've always got my gun ready as I know he's going to want to show off at one moment or another and cost us."

This year, it's infighting that's costing the team a high toll. After a squabble between striker Nicolas Anelka, in which the player told the coach during halftime, "Fuck off, you dirty son of a whore," Anelka was banished and sent back to France. His team staged a typically French one-day strike in sympathy and refused to train.

"I feel that people in general and the media don't understand me," the controversial coach says.

At least the stars have you covered, Ray — but who are we to judge? Domenech isn't the only public figure to rely on readings of the stars, a spurious belief system which bears no connection to the scientific method or psychology.

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Raymond Domenech, the man who lives (and kills his team's chances) by the stars. Photo by Franck Fife/AFP
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Good company? Erica Rose — another public figure who believes in consulting the stars. Courtesy of VH1
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The World Cup wouldn't be half as entertaining without the occasional loon.