A Derek Jeter intervention?

New Yankees policy: Lady Gaga is free to show up at the clubhouse in her bra — again

New Yankees policy: Lady Gaga is free to show up at the clubhouse in her bra — again

Lady Gaga attended a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets this weekend, and to say she stole the show is putting it mildly.

The pop siren watched the game wearing a pulled-down Yankees jersey that exposed half of her black bra — with the entire bottom half of the ensemble consisting of a pair of black bikini briefs. Hey, it's summer in the city, what's your problem?

Of course, Gaga wasn't content with merely dominating the attention of the sports photographers covering the game. She had some bigger game in mind. Gaga talked her way into the clubhouse (which is supposed to be closed to celebrities after a Yankees' loss) and promptly reportedly started rubbing her breasts through her jersey and bra as she slurred words of Yankees devotion at pinstriped stars like Alex Rodriguez — who's seen more than a few celebrity pairs.

This didn't sit well with Hal Steinbrenner — the Yankees co-chair and active ownership force. Steinbrenner banned Lady Gaga from the Yankees inner sanctum for life! Or about two minutes.

That's approximately how long it took for more sensible minds to intervene (Derek Jeter perhaps?) and get Gaga her future clubhouse access back.

Before the weekend turned to Monday, Yankees general manger Brian Cashman — who actually has a sense of humor about these things and almost everything else (he survived working for George Steinbrenner when George was still close to being George after all) despite his beleaguered accountant's appearance — explained the backtrack like a pro.

She's not banned," Cashman said. "Celebrities aren't banned. If Michael Jordan showed up here he would have access (to the clubhouse), but not after a loss. That was the wrong time and the wrong place. It's been taken care of ... Not her fault."

Of course, it's not Gaga's fault. Perish the thought.

And yes, the New York Yankees, the most storied franchise in professional sports, want you to know their new policy: Lady Gaga is welcome to show up at the clubhouse in her bra. Pretty much anytime she wants.

In related news, any grandma in a pants suit would probably get a guided tour if she made it to the Houston Astros' clubhouse, where security isn't needed. 

Lady Gaga Yankees
Lady Gaga has the jersey on, what clothing problem could there possibly be?
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Lady Gaga was very enthusiastic in the Yankees clubhouse.
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Maybe next time, Gaga will bring along some of her Houston impersonators. Photo by Liz Gorman