Awaiting strip club suspension

Dumb trouble: All it takes for Vince Young to throw down is an inverted Hook 'em Horns sign (with video)

Dumb trouble: All it takes for Vince Young to throw down is an inverted Hook 'em Horns sign (with video)

Vince Young came out and apologized today for the strip club fight that earned him a misdemeanor assault citation, a $500 fine and a likely future NFL suspension.

Young now says that it was a mistake for him to be at Club Onyx — while making it seem like a friend dragged him to the joint, nearly kicking and screaming. He didn't come right out and apologize for the punch — which is one of the silliest, most needless punches ever thrown by an athlete. (And this is a pretty big category, Charles Barkley owns a wing all to himself).

If you watch the widely circulated video — and what sports fan hasn't? — Young's provocation appears to be the fact that a guy flashed Texas' Hook 'em Horns sign to Young upside down. Yes, someone gave the mildest diss to the university where Young played football ... and it was on. The multi-million dollar quarterback entrusted with leading the Tennessee Titans franchise couldn't hold back when he got an inverted Hook 'em Horns.

Just imagine if the guy had called Young a chicken or said he had ants in his pants.   

This is what Young risks his new reputation over? You don't even see University of Texas honk Matthew McConaughey throwing down with Longhorn chiders. And having interviewed both McConaughey and Young in the past, I can tell you that the movie star is much dumber than the quarterback no matter what Vince Young's Wonderlic score was.

Yes, people love their alma maters (not that Young graduated, but still). Yes, I'm sure Longhorns coach Mack Brown waxed poetic about the Hook 'em Horns tradition in many a speech. But seriously ... that's what started a story that's pushed Ben Roethlisberger out of the NFL news cycle.

If you're going to put your already-shaky NFL rep in jeopardy, at least make sure you're swinging for something worth fighting over.


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