Speedo-wearing weatherman Jonathan Novack survives another week of The Bachelorette

Speedo-wearing weatherman Jonathan Novack survives another week of The Bachelorette

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Jonathan Novack

Jonathan Novack had a rough night on the lastest installment of The Bachelorette.

The former Channel 2 weatherman, whom everyone calls "Weatherman" on the reality series because no one seems to know his name, was the center of attention throughout the two-hour installment. He almost got into a fight with another contestant, was embarrassed to wear a black Speedo on a California beach, and was the last contestant to win a rose from Ali Fedotowsky.

But Novack had the last laugh.

The contestant who belittled him the entire night, the certifiably psycho Craig M., didn't get a rose and left the show.

"Thanks for covering my back," Fedotowsky whispered to Novack when she pinned a rose on his lapel, allowing him to remain for at least another week.

Earlier in the show, Novack blabbed to Fedotowsky that Craig M. was "dangerous." And the dental salesman from Canada sure seemed to be, with an evil smile, wild eyes and maniacal laughter. She of course told Craig M., which led to a tense showdown where Novack refused to admit what he said, but told Craig M. he's a "malicious person."

If that wasn't stressful enough, Novack also wore his first Speedo on national television. Using a skimpy pretense of shooting a calendar for charity, the contestants were hauled off to a California beach and modeled bathing suits picked out for them by a stylist. Novack seemed genuinely embarrassed to wear the suit selected for him, although it didn't look much different from what a professional swimmer would wear.  "Ali wears a black top. I think this is supposed to be the bottom," he said, while holding the suit.

But he vowed to do anything for the woman he hardly knows but vows to love.

"I'm here for Ali, so I'm going to have to show the junk in my trunk," he said.

This being reality TV, Novack never showed the junk in his trunk, but instead came out of the dressing area with a rubber duckie float around his private parts. (No, I am not making this up.)

Some other things I noticed:

  • Novack says "dude" a lot.
  • The hair gel bill for the contestants must be astronomical.
  • The contestants sit around drinking copious amounts of alcohol, which no doubt lends to confrontations — although it's unclear whether everyone is playing to the cameras or being themselves.
  • Every time a confrontation is about to happen, ominous music plays.
  • And it's all oddly addictive.
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