The end's here, but it's gonna take a while

Lost season finale: Prepare to be disappointed

Lost season finale: Prepare to be disappointed

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Courtesy of ABC

Six years of confusion, frustration, Googling, theorizing, apathy, excitement — all lead to Sunday night’s Lost Finale ... how could you not be disappointed?!

The expectation level for this finale is through the roof. The questions that need to be answered, unending. Save yourself disappointment and lower your hopes now.

If you go into the finale wanting all questions resolved, you will surely be letdown. On the other hand, if you only expect big picture questions answered, you might enjoy parts of it.

The good news — producers have extended the finale by at least 30 minutes. The official run time for Central Standard Time is 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. according to ABC's schedule. A "new" review show runs from 6 to 8 p.m. and there's a Jimmy Kimmel "Aloha to Lost" special at 11 p.m. after the local ABC News (which will also probably be heavy on Lost). 

If you live in the United Kingdom, good news for you: Lost will be simulcast around the world by the US West Coast broadcast time. According to, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel and the United Kingdom are getting ready to simulcast the season finale of Lost. Unfortunately, this means UK view time is 5 a.m. and Turkey view time is 7 a.m.

Don’t know how that fits into work schedules, but I guess there’s no bounds to the world’s addiction to the show. The unfortunate French (not to mention Germany, Australia and 59 other countries) do still have to wait between 24 and 48 hours to watch.

Of course, if you do live in Eastern or Central time, you can still call your friends around the globe — and in Los Angeles — and ruin the ending for them (not that we recommend that). 

If you want to take your Lost fanaticism to the next level, LIttle Woodrow's Midtown is hosting a Lost quiz Saturday at 2 p.m. Participants are encouraged to dress like their favorite character. If you want to keep it low key (or are completely uninterested) stay away from a TV this weekend.

Lost will be everywhere. ABC is determined to milk all it can out of the series' swan song.